Believe it or not, 2021 has passed and we are already welcoming 2022. Are you ready for the fashion of the new year?
When it comes to fashion, a topic that cannot be avoided is street style. Although fashion is a cycle, street fashion seems to be timeless and never forgotten. It's basic and casual, and designers are constantly innovating. The attractiveness of streetwear is that there are no rules.
street style
Street style turns the inspiration of expression into clothing art, which is open to anyone who wants to express their personality and the inner world through their own style.
Chicyea currently has 5 street brands, ranging from wild punk, unrestrained street style to motorcycle style that constantly pursues freedom, which can fully satisfy your perception and expression of life.
We proudly present to you Chicyea's most iconic collection.


1. Motorcycle Series

We fuse motorcycles with a variety of styles and imagery, combining a wealth of imagination to create bold and fun creative motorcycle prints—more locomotive series, waiting for you to discover.
Motorcycle Series
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2. Skull Series

Here, the skeleton is no longer a symbol of the horror of death. We combine skeletons with various creative ideas to express a fearless attitude and awaken respect for life.
Skull Series
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3. Wordy Series

Is there anything that expresses your heart more directly than a slogan? Not anymore! Put on the slogan series and express your heart bravely! Wordy Series
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4. Gesture Series

Another important expression of street culture is gestures. Come and find the gesture expression that suits you!
Gesture Series
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5. Moon & Sun Series

Sometimes we need some introversion support. These mystical symbols of the Sun and Moon can be a good reminder that you have enormous power and enough potential to help you succeed in life.
moon and sun series
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Street style is casual. It allows anyone to wear anything, not an identifier unique to any group of people. Streetwear is more about what you like and what you want to share.
Life needs to be expressed, Chicyea will be your best choice!
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